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Poe Album (ShadoWhisperS)
Mediabook Edgar - Poe
ShadoWhisperS (symphonic Metal)


The new album "Poe" will be available on streaming platforms.

1 album - 2 mediabooks

The mediabooks are also a part of the project "Don't be Poe!". 


For more information about this project, please click here


1. O Tempora O Mores

2. Black Cat (feat. Adam Denlinger)

3. Bridal Ballad

4. Alone

5. Spirits of the Dead

6. Dreamland

7. The Valley of Unrest (feat. Adam Denlinger)

8. The Raven

9. A Dream within a Dream

10. In Memoriam

Bonus: Däischter Gedanken

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