Monster Jump 'n' Run

Play and win a free download of our song "Lost Dreams"

For the mobile version, please click here

For the desktop version, you can play the game below on this page.

Turn up volume!


Indiana Bones will help you to to free your "ghost inside":

- touch the yellow bar to go to the next level

- collect musical instruments to score

- collect unicorns and keys to increase your score even more

- be aware of vampire bats, monsters and black holes


for the mobile version:

Indiana Bones will follow your finger


for the desktop version:

Indiana Bones will follow your mouse pointer or use your keyboard to run 'n' jump:

-> run to the right

<- run to the left

space bar - jump

you lose if:

- your score is <0

- you touch one of the ShadoWhisperS monsters (excepts for Mot - you lose 5-15 points)

- you just run through the levels


you have to restart the level if:

- you touch the water


Music: "Monster" by ShadoWhisperS (